The power of these exhibits…is unsurpassed in contemporary history museums.…
It delivers a gut-punch experience.

               — Edward Rothstein, New York Times


New York's new 9/11 museum is a masterpiece.…
What a relief to see history treated as something with meaning.…
All of it is presented coherently, sensitively, intelligently…
Finally someone has created something worthy of the day. Bravo.

               — Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal



…a tour de force of devastating authenticity. Almost subliminally,
the design leads you from small spaces to large, toggling between
intimacy and awe.

               — Justin Davidson, New York Magazine

For me, one visit could never be enough.
               — Michael Smerconish, The Philadelphia Inquirer

A humanely crafted engine of catharsis, it is as beautiful… as it is horrific.
Remnants of 9/11 we've seen before…take on new majesty, thanks to inspired
display and lighting.

               — Steve Cuozzo, New York Post


The exhibit is unlike almost any other.… It actually does a heroic job straddling the competing demands...You will almost certainly end up weeping
               — Inga Saffron, the Philadelphia Inquirer


…impressive, thought-provoking work.
               — Neta Alexander,

The story of Sept. 11 is presented with dignity, beauty and bottomless grief.
My mind was reeling, my eyes were filled with tears…

               — Kelly-Jane Cotter,

I'm staggered by the taste, the care, the imagination,
and professionalism.…Thank you!

               — Annette Fry (widow of Varian Fry)