senior 3D designer

Trained originally as a scenographer, I have been an exhibit designer for over 30 years. However since I
also graduated from the Boston Conservatory of Music, the office can delight in hearing show tunes as I create architectural detail drawings.

WORDS TO LIVE BY: Measure twice, cut once.
senior graphic designer

Storytelling is fundamental  - with it we learn, we bond, we laugh or cry, we explore the world around us but also explore within ourselves. We look back and we look forward. Creating experiences to tell stories is all that I want to do. That, and kern all that is poorly kerned; if I see too much space between a 1 and a 0, lord help you.

WORDS TO LIVE BY:  With non-random design decisions comes good design.
project manager

Project management is juggling one million details, acting as air traffic control for the schedules, notes and tasks that pass between clients, partners and the LD team. As the resident keeper of the details, I pride myself on recalling why a specific decision was made and when.

WORDS TO LIVE BY:  Height is a state of mind.

project administrator

I think Layman Design's biggest differentiator is a theatrical approach.
This job is a lot of detail and collaboration and communication. That's hard. But remember - we're  creating art and there‚Äôs joy in that!

I work back and front of house to facilitate where applicable. I help direct traffic, but I am NOT a gatekeeper.


3D designer + rendering artist

As an emerging designer I've had an ongoing interest in designing spaces that educate through experience and interaction. I have always seen museums as a way to actively engage people in a way that naturally integrates education into a personal experience. For that reason I find designing exhibits to be extremely rewarding.

WORDS TO LIVE BY:  Duplicate the layer.

production artist, graphic designer, database wrangler

Having been a bit of a perfectionist in most things I do in my life, it was only natural that I would pursue this line of work (production artist/graphic designer). Before going to art school I was in business administration, so working on an exhibit database was easy to pick up. Now I'm the keeper of information.

WORDS TO LIVE BY:  Simply marvelous!
interpretive specialist

I love taking an idea, object, or story and crafting it into something tangible and meaningful to each person who experiences it. Being able to share all the random ideas and thoughts in my head and learn new ones everyday with a team of great people creating great things is a wonderful bonus!
WORDS TO LIVE BY:  Find adventure in everything

design director, principal

I can conceive of no other endeavor as remarkable as the one in which I'm engaged.  With each project, I work with some of the world's most brilliant, talented, dedicated professionals all focused on producing something that will inspire millions to think in new and meaningful ways about their personal connection to the grand scheme.  What a privilege to be able to know and work with these people!

WORDS TO LIVE BY: Don't be conformed to the pattern of the world around you, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

graphic designer

My concerns include providing concise and effective communication of ideas through two dimensional techniques that both look forward with innovation while remaining grounded in the most solid of our cultural traditions.
WORDS TO LIVE BY: Responsibility implies nothing more than one's ability to respond.

project researcher / coordinator

Since graduating from the University of Virginia with degrees in Economics, Cognitive Science, and Psychology, James has put his diverse academic background to use in an array of professional endeavors.


While attending Yale Law School, James represented several clients through the school’s Veterans Legal Services Clinic and clerked for the United States Senate Judiciary Committee.  He was admitted to the State Bar of Texas in November 2014.